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Chasing the Dragon...

I know, super weird title for a blog from a follower of Christ...I get it.

But now that I may have your attention, and my own for that matter, let me write about something that has been stirring in my heart over the last few months...obedience to Christ. Now I know when we hear the word obedience sometimes we can immediately begin to feel queezy or tense and fall into the mindset that following Jesus means keeping a list of do's and don'ts. I think obedience is one of those words that Christians need to re-claim. Obedience is something that is positive. Obedience means choosing to live life according to God's rhythm and design, while giving up our right and desire to do things our way.

Being a father of two, I'm learning more about obedience each and every day. When I ask my daughter to do something, I'm expecting that she will follow my direction completely. There are times when she decides that her own way is the best way, and conflict occurs as a result.


Thoughts on Community

Community is one of those buzz words in the church that's been around for awhile. We talk about community within the walls of the church and outside the walls of the building. Community can be used to describe the family of God or the body of Christ, and it is also associated with what some call the missional or incarnational movement that has currently swept the church world today.

I'm learning more and more about this word each day. To me community is a movement, a choice, a way of life. Community is an active word. To be in community with another person implies that you work on developing some sort of relational connection with this other person. Community doesn't exist without people, and I'm not sure it truly exists without Jesus in the mix.

The thought that is rattling around my brain today about community is simply this: The truth is that the strength of any community is found in the lives of its’ individuals.

We love to measure growth and streng…

Finding Rest

What I'm learning more and more about lately is finding moments of rest in between the moments of chaos that happens to be life at times.

It's funny cause I used to think that being busy was a good thing. When my social calendar was full, I was happy...when my work schedule was full, I was stressed...when my day timer was running out of hours, I felt important.

Over the last 2 years I've felt God leading me to find rest and to learn how to re-discover Sabaath in my own life. It's during these moments of rest that I have learned more about life, love, God and truth than any other time-burning, schedule over-loading practice, appointment or conference ever has.

Despite these lessons, I still find myself craving the busy of life. I think it's because I've come to define myself by having what I thought was a "full life." But I'm sometimes not so sure that this full life that I crave is what Jesus intended for me to have. Jesus came to grant us life …

The Finish

I'm a little over 10 weeks away from finishing up at the church that I have had the privilege of serving in for the last 8 years, and attending for 14. It's kind of a weird thought to think that I will be driving a different route each day rather than one that leads me to GBC. I've grown accustomed to this place...and I often wonder how things will change in me when we're gone, and how things will change at GBC when we're no longer here.

I was thinking about how hard it is to finish well. Coming into the office is getting more and more difficult. There isn't much forward thinking or planning to be done, and because as a leader I thrive on vision...not having one or not being able to have one for where things should go in Chosen One is odd. And so I'm trying to stay within myself and yet make sure that students and parents know that I haven't given up on them. But I've also got to allow myself to dream about following Jesus and find the courage …

Changing Seasons

I really enjoy spring. I think it's my favorite season. Mainly because I'm amazed at how resiliant plants can be. Winter dominates much of our weather for 4-6 months in Calgary. Yet come full blown spring, our plants rebound with amazing pliancy.

When spring is in season, I have hope. I have hope that even during the darkest, coldest moments of my own life, I'm going to bounce back.

Despite the season of change that I find myself in today, I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The only issue is that I can't see the light. Nor am I supposed to at this point. All I really need to be able to see is where to take my next step.

I'm waiting for my spring. I know it's's just a matter of when.