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Adventure #3 - Just plain fun

I'm sure lots of you have seen the #ALSicebucketchallenge videos dominating social media. It's been interesting to hear stories of all the awareness, funds and fun generated by this campaign. I recently got nominated, so I invited my kids to help me out, and well...this happened.

Adventure #2 - fun for free

A home is something that invites people to be who they are, to rest and to try new things. Creating fun and adventure is a challenge when you are faced with limited resources and budget constraints. Those that know me know that I love a great deal, so hear are some of my favourite stay at home adventures you can create for families...even if your kids are older, it just takes a little time to warm them up to the idea.

1. Inside Dodgeball
Remember hearing your mom say don't play catch in the house? Well...why not? What not break the rules sometimes and create some unexpected fun with a soft foam ball. Indoor playground games can cause a ton of me...

2. Forts for sleeping
Make bedtime fun and unexpected by changing things up. Why not sleep in a fort?

3. Hide and Seek
It's an old game I know, but once again...why not? Enjoy the invitation of spontaneity and fun by doing something you normally wouldn't do. Get over yourself and get creative!

4. Family Cookouts

Aventure #1 - #howtodad

As dads, we get to be like adventure guides for our families. Over the next few weeks I'm going to highlight some of the fun adventures I've either participated in with my own family, or heard other families have a lot of fun with.

So here it goes...

Adventure #1 - Hiking

Hiking is an activity that families of any age or size can comfortably do together. Depending on where you live, you may have great access to bodies of water, mountains, grasslands or other unique features that will make your time together incredible! Being outside provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your family outside of the normal hustle and bustle that is sometimes the dad life...and it's super simple to organize:

Pick a place you'd like to try outPack food and waterLather on sunscreen & bug sprayDon't forget your camera!! - take lots of photos...makes the memories last
Here are some of the fun places to hike we've hit up as a family this summer. 

Sheep River Falls

Sheep…'s part of being a Dad

Dads play many different roles in the lives of their children, but one of my favourites has got to be the guide to ADVENTURE!!

Remember when you were younger? Every new experience left an impression of some kind on your life. Some were good, others were less than awesome. These adventures shaped you in some way. Perhaps you found the courage to do something you never thought was possible, or you discovered something new about yourself that you didn't think existed. Adventure stokes curiosity, wonder and hopefulness in the lives of kids.

I'm going to devote the next few blog posts to highlight some of my favourite adventures I've helped to create (with the assistance of my amazing wife Bonny!!) for my kids.

Stay tuned for more...


I stumbled across this bold commercial that reframes the stereotypical Hollywood idiot dad in a brand new, restored light.

Who are the dads in your sphere of influence who need a little encouragement? Enjoy!!

(PS...I'm not endorsing Peanut Butter Cheerios, I'm celebrating the restoration of the champion dad image)