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To Honour and to Lead

There is a tension that young leaders face. We think we know it all. Our minds are chalked full of great ideas, visions for the future, and the sometimes delusional thinking that we can achieve the impossible. And in our vigour and intentionality we lead out hoping that by sheer will and determination our current reality will change.

(to read more about other leadership tensions, this is a blog post I wrote for the Youth Cartel).
But there is often times something standing in the way that we have failed to be aware of...tradition.

I know that tradition can be a curse word in today's post-Christian, trans-modern and flexible culture. Young folks sometimes cringe when they hear someone who is older than them talk about what they used to do back in the "good-old-days."

There is, however, something true about tradition
Tradition has helped to shape both expectancy and culture. The customs, rituals, experiences and values that have been conceived in the form of tradition hav…