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Generation United

I've been involved in vocational ministry for just over eight years, and been in the church in one way, shape or form for 28 years. In my church experience I have seen a lot of different seasons of ministry. I've seen seasons of growth, seasons of death, seasons of change, seasons of hope and seasons of heartbreak. Through all of these seasons, one thing has remained constant...Jesus and His love for humankind.

I've been waking up each day this past week with a new perspective on life and ministry in general. It is truly a privilege to serve in and be a part of the body of Christ. Last night, in particular, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the opportunity that we as the church in Canada, and specifically in Calgary, have during this upcoming season in our lives. Two pictures came to mind that kept me up a good portion of the night. The first was the celebration that took place within the nation of Israel recorded in chapter 3 in the book of Ezra. Having endured exile i…

Anger & Compassion

I came home from work today to my family, whom I love dearly. As I walked through the door I was greeted with the ever so pleasant sounds of two little kids who seemed to have had a long day...and then I saw my wife and the look on her face which reaffirmed this assumption. Neither of the kids had napped very well and all 3 of my family members seemed pushed beyond the boundaries of exhaustion in this moment.

Having sat in meetings all day I felt a little drained myself. I jumped in to be dad in the moment and tried my best to engage and help out where I could. I took my son upstairs and finally got him to sleep after 45 minutes of coaxing. I then sent Bonny upstairs to get a cat nap in while I headed out into the garden with Saydie to "dig carrots Daddy!!"

As the evening rolled on I found myself getting more and more depleted and less and less filled with compassion in my interactions with my family. My answers to questions were short and pointed. My actions were preci…

Monuments & Memories

Ok, I plagerized the title of this post from one of my favorite bands,'s the name of their latest album. However, this title seems fitting for what's rattling around in my head and heart today.

Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary as a married couple. Bonny & I are going to celebrate with lunch out, a favorite dinner and perhaps some time down by the river with the kids.

As I began reflecting even yesterday about our anniversary, my mind immediately shifted towards my spiritual journey with Christ. I started to recall instances of triumph and failure; moments of celebration and sadness; mystery and wonder. The more I began to digest these parts of my life, the more I was drawn to a desire to remember and to celebrate my own personal spiritual journey. Wedding anniversaries mark a day each year on the calendar when, as a married couple, you can pull away and celebrate your relationship. These days should be filled with memories, stories, monuments and …


I'm learning more and more about what it means for us as followers of Jesus to be relevant in our world today. I'm not talking about being influenced by the world or by culture, but simply to be in-tune with it and to be the influencers instead of the influencees!!

Faith that is relevant is faith that is active. Each of us should consider on a daily basis what we can do to live out our faith, our love for God and love for others, in a way that begins to shape the world around us.

The moment I think I've grasped what it means to have a relevant faith is the moment that I learn there is so much more for me to learn and to accomplish through God's mercy and grace working in and through my life.

I'm learning to lean; I'm learning to give and I'm learning to trust. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


I think action is my favorite movie genre. I love a good story...I like seeing the good guy triumph over evil, and if some stuff gets blown up along the way...BONUS!! :)

I've been reviewing my faith journey lately with all that has been going on in my life, and I have come to the conclusion that action is my favorite part of spirituality and following Jesus. Action means that I need to get my hands dirty, I need to get involved in life and in love and in learning to walk in the steps of Jesus by embracing his values, rhythms and graces for myself and for others. Action flies in the face of 'couch-potato' or spectator Christianity. Instead of observing life and faith from a distance, action demands an intentional response and commitment to learning and to doing.

Watching my kids grow and develop has taught me even more about this biblical principle of putting faith into practice. When Saydie was a newborn, the public health nurses were concerned that her tongue would nee…

Is love alive?

Ok, so I'm a closet So You Think You Can Dance fan. My wife and my daughter are really into the arts...especially creative movement!!

Not only has SYTYCD introduced me to a variety of new dancing styles, it has also been a showcase for new musical artists as well. One such artist, Sara Bareilles has captured my least momentarily!! One of the lyrics from her song entitled 'Winter Song' as performed by herself and Ingrid Michaelson has literally blown my mind lately. This lyric asks a simple question, is love alive?

When I think about love being alive I think about the church and those who claim to be followers of Jesus. I think this is perhaps the most profound question we can ask ourselves to gauge our spiritual health and relevance as the body of Christ. Is love alive? Are the arms, the hands, the feet and the heart of Jesus alive and active in our world? Recently, there has been a renewed passion and vigor to engage the world around us with compassion, mercy…