Friday, August 21, 2009

Monuments & Memories

Ok, I plagerized the title of this post from one of my favorite bands,'s the name of their latest album. However, this title seems fitting for what's rattling around in my head and heart today.

Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary as a married couple. Bonny & I are going to celebrate with lunch out, a favorite dinner and perhaps some time down by the river with the kids.

As I began reflecting even yesterday about our anniversary, my mind immediately shifted towards my spiritual journey with Christ. I started to recall instances of triumph and failure; moments of celebration and sadness; mystery and wonder. The more I began to digest these parts of my life, the more I was drawn to a desire to remember and to celebrate my own personal spiritual journey. Wedding anniversaries mark a day each year on the calendar when, as a married couple, you can pull away and celebrate your relationship. These days should be filled with memories, stories, monuments and more. It's highly important to the health of your marriage relationship to take time to celebrate together. I think it's just as important, if not more so, to take time to celebrate in our spiritual lives as well. I know that I am sometimes hesitant to share with others about the miracles that God has done in my life for fear that I may be seen as a know-it-all or self-involved. But I think this hesitation is just another attack we face from Satan and his crew aimed at destroying the joy and celebration of faith in Christ.

We need to share our stories of hope, life, failure and love. We need to celebrate together in the richness and goodness of God's grace. We need to share out of the intimacies of our own lives about the power of Christ in and through us.

Maybe some of you can't recall a day when your relationship with Jesus began, and that's ok. My relationship with my wife began long before our wedding day. But our anniversary gives us a moment in time, a monument to remember and to celebrate God and each other.

Take time to celebrate who you are becoming in Christ. Focus on the moments and create monuments that remind you of His goodness and mercy. Living a life to the full should mean living a life full of celebration.

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