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Who Am I?

The Psalms have always fascinated me. This biblical book is chalked full of every sort of emotion you can think of. As a habitual writer, I'm often drawn to the simplicity of inspiration found within the biblical text. Here is something I penned years ago that I think illustrates the wrestle each of us face on a daily basis...the quest for the answer to and root of our identity crisis. I hope you enjoy and I hope it sparks some life, encouragement and conversation in each of your lives!!

Who Am I?
I crave definition. Thirsting for meaning and hope I plunge headfirst into this world of darkness… My hands are trembling, The blood is surging through my veins as I stand back and watch him receive what Ilong for.
Why do You choose him over me? What have I done to endure Your shadow? I’m removed from the light of Your face.
This anger burns within me, This rage consumes me; I’m blinded by my ambition to be seen.
NOTICE ME!! Meet me where I am! Shower Your love and blessing upon me. PICK ME!!  CHOOSE ME…

The Mission of God

As is usually the case in terms of subject matter for my posts, my kids have taught me yet another key truth about who God is. Earlier this evening, Saydie & Cannon were outside helping Daddy cut and trim the grass. We have an old-school mower (people powered, no gas or electricity) and Saydie really enjoys helping me push it, while Cannon just loves running away from us.

I start cutting the grass by doing the first cut along the edge of our yard. All the while, Saydie keeps asking me if she can help to which I reply, "after I finish the first cut." After my daughter's creative persistence, it dawned on me...sure I could do this on my own, but what greater gift to give my daughter (and myself) then creating a fun memory and experience with her? As I contemplated this thought, I enthusiastically invited Saydie to join me in cutting the grass. Sure it took longer, but it was worth it!

After putting the kids to bed tonight, I reflected upon this moment. I wonder if God …

Need a Hug??

Putting our children to bed always lends itself to some great memories. Tonight, as Bonny & I were tucking Saydie in to sleep our daughter wanted to make sure she said one last thing to her Daddy. "Daddy, you be careful walking down the stairs...I can't hug you if you're broken!" Her simple gesture melted my heart (which means I AM in trouble as she gets older!!), and it also caused me to think about Jesus.

Jesus was a master at a lot of things, but none more prevalent than His ability to make the "unnoticed" or "untouchable" or "unlovable" people feel exactly the be seen, cared for and loved!

Imagine for a moment if no one ever took time for you. How would that make you feel? I know I would feel insignificant and unloved...that's for sure! But when people do pause to notice, give you encouragement or some other form of acknowledgement, it makes you feel like you matter, doesn't it?

There are so many biblical st…

A Little Perspective

This week I'm going to try something a little different in this post. Instead of writing about my opinion on a particular subject, or sharing some lessons about what is happening in my personal walk with Jesus, I thought I  would post about a Christian meditation exercise that often times helps me gain a Christ-like perspective of my circumstances. Now some of you may be put off my the "m" word, but there is a key spiritual difference between Christian meditation and other forms of this spiritual practice. The goal of Christian meditation is to fill one's mind with more thoughts of Christ through repeated reading and focus on portion of scripture, or attributes of God's character, or other thoughts that lead to a greater awareness of God's presence. Other forms of meditation focus on the emptying of one's mind. If you are nervous about attempting Christian meditation by yourself, talk with a friend or family member and pray through this experience togethe…