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Living an Inspired Life

I'm fascinated with the concept of motivation. What drives us to pursue success in the way we choose to live? What provides us with perspective when we face times of hopelessness and distress? What inspires us to hold on when everything and everyone else seems to be letting go?

Inspiration, at its' core, is the purest form of motivation. This week I lost my grandfather due to a tragic accident. I'm left pondering these theme of motivation and inspiration more intently as a result. Looking back at who my grandfather was, I see traces of inspired living in his life story. He was known for his compassion for people, his willingness to aid his family and his desire to show love to others. A man of few words, my grandpa made up for his lack of verbal pontification through an active demonstration of inspiration.

You and I are living stories. Stories of hope; stories of joy; stories of fear and failure...but also stories of triumph. What makes a great story is a great author and …

Leading Through Change - Discipleship 148

Change is constant.

Internally or externally, change is a constant in our society. No matter how hard we may try to resist or avoid change, it still happens. I can color my hair when I notice it beginning to going white, but it won't change the fact that its' natural pigment is fading. I can try to fit into emerging fashion styles, but it won't change the fact that there are simply some trends I should not be a part of (ahem...skinny jeans...ahem).

If change is a constant, how can we lead through it and how can we manage it? Years ago my dad asked me if I see problems as obstacles or opportunities. As leaders leading in a culture of change requires us to refine our perspective. We must see problems as opportunities, and not obstacles. In doing so, how we communicate will begin to change, and momentum will be the end result.

Leading through change means learning to embrace emerging realities and preferred futures. Many people fail in their dieting attempts because they eith…