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Originality - Discipleship 163

The default setting for humanity seems to be comparison. We love to measure ourselves against others in order to see where we might actually fit. We compare salaries, talents, skills, gifts and even opinions.
What has me fired up today is the tendency we have as Christians to compare ourselves to each other. In particular, we seem to get great pleasure out of comparing one church to another church in order to determine how we might be "better" than the other. As a leader in the church, I confess that I have fallen into this mindset. I've definitely compared the programatic elements of my church against others, looking to find places where my program may be superior or borrow ideas that I can replicate into my ministry context. And I hate to say it...but I'm not alone in this type of comparative conditioning.
I'm reminded of a portion of the story of the nation of Israel from the Old Testament. The nation of Israel did not have a physical king. Instead, God Himself …

Blessed Beyond Measure - Discipleship 162

I've recently had the privilege of being invited into the lives of others through unique experiences. I've had the opportunity to hear life stories of people who are in the middle of their journey and through listening to their insights, I've been able to gain wisdom, perspective and joy. I've also had the privilege of being able to share my hope and dreams through spoken word, love in action and the receiving of gifts from the most unlikely of sources.

It's been just over two weeks since I last sat down to process the world around me through this blog format. Since then, I must admit that the overwhelming conclusion that I've come to it quite simple: I'm blessed so that I can be a blessing to others.

I heard this analogy once that my life leaves a wake that impacts others. If anyone has ever been on a lake enjoying some sort of water sport, you might understand this image. A wake is a wave or ripple of water that an object generates. A wake is an impressio…

Days or Moments - Discipleship 161

I heard this quote the other day, "People don't remember days, they only remember moments." Quite frankly, I couldn't agree more. I remember moments when my day started and ended strong, but for a few moments hope seemed lost...guess which parts I remembered most vividly?

Could it be true that moments are more important than days in the hearts and minds of people? I think about moments like when I saw my wife for the first time in her wedding dress, or my first goal in a hockey game, or the first time I learned to ride a bike. I don't remember most of the day that is associated with these moments, but I do remember the moment itself.

Does this phenomenon have implications for us parents and leaders with regards to discipleship? I think so! The question I'm asking myself currently is what sort of memory or moment creating experiences am I facilitating for those in my sphere of influence? The students, parents and families I serve may not remember all of my day…