Friday, February 3, 2012

Days or Moments - Discipleship 161

I heard this quote the other day, "People don't remember days, they only remember moments." Quite frankly, I couldn't agree more. I remember moments when my day started and ended strong, but for a few moments hope seemed lost...guess which parts I remembered most vividly?

Could it be true that moments are more important than days in the hearts and minds of people? I think about moments like when I saw my wife for the first time in her wedding dress, or my first goal in a hockey game, or the first time I learned to ride a bike. I don't remember most of the day that is associated with these moments, but I do remember the moment itself.

Does this phenomenon have implications for us parents and leaders with regards to discipleship? I think so! The question I'm asking myself currently is what sort of memory or moment creating experiences am I facilitating for those in my sphere of influence? The students, parents and families I serve may not remember all of my days as their leader, but they will remember moments. My own children will not remember every single day of me being their dad, but they will remember moments.

What moments are you leaving in the lives of others? Are they inspiring ones, or discouraging ones? My hope is that in a single moment, my kids and the people I serve would know that they are loved, cared for and worthwhile. I may not always live up to this goal, but I hope I never stop seeking to inspire others through the way I live my life...filled with hope, peace and joy knowing that there is more to life than what can be learned in a single moment.

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