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Sent from the Overflow

What could it look like to live a life of blessing in the midst of isolation? This is a talk I shared with a group of people at Hillcrest Church at the beginning of March prior to our deep dive into the covid-19 season. If you're looking for some hope and encouragement today, have a listen.


Life is taking us forward on a new kind of adventure. Beyond our borders and beyond this COVID-19 media hype. This summer (2020) the Frizzell clan is moving to Brockville, Ontario to start a new chapter in our adventure. I had the privilege of sharing a few words of hope and life with our new friends in the East back in February 2020. Hope you enjoy.

my kingdom role

We spend a lot of time attempting to discover what we're good at. I had the opportunity to share some thoughts about hope, life and what it might be like to find your role in life on a Sunday. You can watch it below.