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Re-Defining Success

This video will spark life in you. Be challenged, and willing to redefine your pursuit of success.

Telling Stories

We all love a good story, don't we? A couple of weeks ago the family and I were driving to Heritage park to meet up with Grandma & Grandpa when Saydie blurted out, "Dad, you'll never guess what. Two mosquitos flew into the car and pulled out my pigtails." Gazing into the rear-view mirror, I saw the damage these two mosquitoes had caused. My wife Bonny had spent 20 minutes wrestling with Saydie to get her hair done in the first place, and now all the effort was lost.

Sure, it was funny to hear Saydie's excuse for her messy hair, but it was also a glimpse into the natural human tendency we all have to tell stories. Don't get me wrong, stories are great, but more often than not, we embellish our stories in order to garner a specific type of response from our captive audience. I don't know about you, but I've even caught myself weaving together a more illustrious story for my wife from time to time. In these moments I think we are communicating one of…

The Best of You

It's been awhile since I posted something new on the blog. Sorry for the delay. I've been thinking a lot about this theme lately...the best of you. One of my favorite bands, The Foo Fighters, penned a song by this very name, and it offers us a viewpoint of this theme from a creative standpoint. If you haven't heard it before, check it out:

Foo Fighters - The Best of You

As humans, we are drawn to relationship. I think this is a key question for us to ask of and in each of the relational connections we have: Are we giving the best of us to the other person? I cannot speak for anyone else other than myself, but I know that I am someone who is drawn to value task over relationship. How this plays out in my life is that I am more focused on accomplishing things than I am just being with people. I tend to see relationships from a task-oriented perspective. I am, however, learning to grow in this area of my life. The key for me is considering what I am offering people when I am w…

Bye Hero

Having kids has provided me with so many memories and moments that I hope I will never forget. The weather here in Calgary has finally turned around somewhat, making it possible for us to use our screen doors to provide our home with some "breeze relief." This week we've discovered that one of our doors seems to have a gap somewhere that allows wasps to enter our home.

My wife Bonny is mildly afraid of insects...mildly is putting it lightly. Every time there is a spider, wasp or other sort of creepy crawly, let's just say it's easy to know that this bug is in our house. Recently, Bonny has been attempting to downplay her phobia as to not transfer this same type of fear of insects onto our children. Both Saydie & Cannon are not bothered in the same fashion by insects, although they both celebrate the moments when Daddy rids our home of these unwanted guests.

This evening I was hanging out with a bunch of Jr. High youth while my family was enjoying our regular …

Say No To Racism

For those of you who have been watching the World Cup of Soccer, you may be familiar with this slogan that I have used as the title for this blog entry. Being a multi-cultural family, we are learning a lot about the underlying of prejudice and racism that infects our world. At the root of racism is comparison...the innate desire we have to define ourselves as "greater than" or "less than" another person. It is this slight error in perception that amplifies itself into the larger issue we refer to as racism today.

Here is but one example of billions of stories that could be told about how comparison infects us all. On the way home from our vacation we stopped off to pickup dinner at a Safeway location in Calgary. As our family was going through the check out, Cannon was saying "Hi Dad" to which I was responding of course. The cashier looked at me and said..."You're not his Dad" to which I replied, "Yes I am, he is our son. We adopted him…


There’s something about nature that just speaks to me. I can’t put my finger on it, but as I walk, see, smell, taste, touch and hear the world around me I seem to come alive on the inside. Have you ever wondered why our world has become so driven? To what end do we owe our desire to work harder and consume more? To what purpose can we attribute our motivation and desire for results?
I’m beginning to understand that my motivation to succeed is based on my lack of self-confidence. I’m driven to create, inspire and lead so that I can somehow gain a greater self-worth and benefit from the confidence that comes with it. But what happens when all my goals are achieved and there is nothing left in the tank to measure?
Jesus was definitely busy and most certainly driven…but He was also aware of His own limitations and He never pushed beyond them. His definition for success what to do His Father’s will, which meant being obedient to death on a cross for the redemption of the entire world. Have y…