Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bye Hero

Having kids has provided me with so many memories and moments that I hope I will never forget. The weather here in Calgary has finally turned around somewhat, making it possible for us to use our screen doors to provide our home with some "breeze relief." This week we've discovered that one of our doors seems to have a gap somewhere that allows wasps to enter our home.

My wife Bonny is mildly afraid of insects...mildly is putting it lightly. Every time there is a spider, wasp or other sort of creepy crawly, let's just say it's easy to know that this bug is in our house. Recently, Bonny has been attempting to downplay her phobia as to not transfer this same type of fear of insects onto our children. Both Saydie & Cannon are not bothered in the same fashion by insects, although they both celebrate the moments when Daddy rids our home of these unwanted guests.

This evening I was hanging out with a bunch of Jr. High youth while my family was enjoying our regular evening routine consisting of bath time and bed time. While I was out and about, a wasp somehow got through our porous screen door yet again. So, Bonny closed the other door and left the bug for Daddy to take care of.

I rushed home as soon as I was able and headed upstairs to say goodnight to my kids (who should be sleeping by this point, but were testing boundaries this evening!!) and Saydie needed to tell me about the story of the wasp in our door. Bonny interjected much wisdom into this moment as she gently explained to Saydie that Daddy was going to take care of the wasp because Daddy is our hero. I kissed my daughter goodnight, and turned to walk out the door when she blessed me with these few words "Goodnight hero."

As I allowed these words encourage my soul, I began to ponder the deep human desire for heroes. Isn't it true that the best stories have great heroes? I seem to be captivated by the struggle these heroes endure and overcome in the end. I believe this natural desire for heroes is birthed by our desire to understand the greater meaning of life. If each of us would take a moment or two to look back in our own lives, I think we could find images of men and women that we've looked up to...heroes that have inspired us to be, to do and to celebrate in our lives. It is these heroes that have brought us one step further in our journey to understand what we want to be about as human beings. Some of my heroes include former pastors, uncles, my dad, my grandparents and other friends and family that I've admired in one way or another while learning from them, but no hero is greater in my life than Jesus. I know this sounds like the typical pastoral response to a question regarding the meaning of life, but for me this is absolutely true. Jesus is the source of inspiration from which my life draws meaning, purpose and hope. Without Him, I don't want to imagine where I would be. I learn from Him every day, and I am grateful to call Him my friend.

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All of us need heroes. Some heroes have the power to inspire meaning, hope & purpose...while others are meant to provide us with more insight into what life is all about. Regardless of what you think about God or Jesus, we are all looking for a hero to save our lives in one way or another.

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