Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mission of God

As is usually the case in terms of subject matter for my posts, my kids have taught me yet another key truth about who God is. Earlier this evening, Saydie & Cannon were outside helping Daddy cut and trim the grass. We have an old-school mower (people powered, no gas or electricity) and Saydie really enjoys helping me push it, while Cannon just loves running away from us.

I start cutting the grass by doing the first cut along the edge of our yard. All the while, Saydie keeps asking me if she can help to which I reply, "after I finish the first cut." After my daughter's creative persistence, it dawned on me...sure I could do this on my own, but what greater gift to give my daughter (and myself) then creating a fun memory and experience with her? As I contemplated this thought, I enthusiastically invited Saydie to join me in cutting the grass. Sure it took longer, but it was worth it!

After putting the kids to bed tonight, I reflected upon this moment. I wonder if God wrestles with similar thoughts as I did this evening. Sure, He could do it all by himself, but often times He wants to partner with us in order to create memories and experiences with us, His children. Think about this for a minute. Instead of simply asking us to be bystanders in this journey we affectionately refer to as life, God chooses to partner with us in His mission for the world...restoration. This notion is simple, yet profound. It makes you think that if God really does choose to partner with us in His mission, does it come to fruition if we refrain from accepting His invitation for partnership? Someone once told me that God has created each of us to do specific things (Ephesians 2:10 affirms this). So, if we choose to reject God's invitation, we not only miss out on creating memories and experiences with our Heavenly Father, we also miss out on being a part of God's mission here on earth.

I believe each of us are affected by what we see happening in our world. Some of us may be drawn to the marginalized, or the broken, or the forgotten people. Others of us may see the need for stewardship and generosity and be deeply moved by our observations. I think these things that we see and experience that move us on a heart level are invitations God gives to each of us to partner with Him in what He is doing and wants to do in our world. The amazing thing is that God WANTS to use us; He doesn't have a plan B. God's mission here on earth will be as effective as our response to His invitations. The next time you are moved at a heart level, how will you respond to God's invitation?

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