Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Am I?

The Psalms have always fascinated me. This biblical book is chalked full of every sort of emotion you can think of. As a habitual writer, I'm often drawn to the simplicity of inspiration found within the biblical text. Here is something I penned years ago that I think illustrates the wrestle each of us face on a daily basis...the quest for the answer to and root of our identity crisis. I hope you enjoy and I hope it sparks some life, encouragement and conversation in each of your lives!!

Who Am I?

I crave definition.
Thirsting for meaning and hope
I plunge headfirst into this world of darkness…
My hands are trembling,
The blood is surging through my veins as I stand back and watch him receive what I long for.

Why do You choose him over me?
What have I done to endure Your shadow?
I’m removed from the light of Your face.

This anger burns within me,
This rage consumes me;
I’m blinded by my ambition to be seen.

Meet me where I am!
Shower Your love and blessing upon me.
I long to be where You are.

Marred by my disgrace, how can I ever return to You?
The very thing that I crave is completely removed from my grasp.
I cannot reach You, and yet I still thirst for You.
You…my true identity…my unfolding story…where will I find You?

Rest my soul, rest…find peace in the warmth of the unknown.
Heart be stirred by grace;
Seek hope;
Find life;
Embrace meaning and thirst for true love.

I am found in You; waiting and longing for more.

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