Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Singing About Jesus

There are so many moments about being a dad that I hope I never forget...the first time I held Saydie after she was born and whispered her name to her after planting a big kiss on her lips. The first time I held my son Cannon and whispered to him that he was home. The first words, the first steps, the first roll, the first laugh...all of these are etched in my heart and in my mind.

Tonight was yet another moment I hope I don't quickly forget. Following bath time we were gathered as a family in Saydie's room while Bonny was wrestling with her to get her dressed for bed time. Saydie was jumping on her bad and singing and babbling to herself when Bonny asked her what she was singing about. Saydie replied, "I'm just singing about Jesus." Now I'm not a softy by any stretch of the imagination...I'm able to feel things, but I don't usually become overwhelmed with emotion. But listening to my little girl sing about her Jesus, even as a one year old in a language only God (and maybe her mom!!) could translate, I was beeming with pride as a dad and humility as a follower of Christ. How many times has someone caught me jumping on my bed so excited to sing about my Jesus, so to speak?

The words of Jesus began to echo in my head when He spoke about needing to become like little children in order to inherit the kingdom of God. My little Saydie was giving me a glimpse, through the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit at work in me, about what it meant to be like a child in God's kingdom. As a doer I sometimes get caught up in getting things done and tasks completed while forgetting to simply slow down, enjoy and celebrate being a part of God's family. I need not worry about what another person might think of me, I need to be consumed by the presence of God and respond to this consumption with utter joy!! I need to let loose and sing about my Jesus in my words, my actions, my time, my resources and my everything else. How about you, do you find yourself pondering this same conclusion in this moment?

Who knew jumping on a bed would teach me so much...

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  1. give Saydie a big hug from her auntie... thanks for the life lesson Jason.
    I'm misty over here.


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