Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Have you ever noticed that Mondays are often chaotic and frustrating days? I can remember waking up to my alarm clock in high school to hear a local radio station playing a song that summed up my experience of Mondays..."Monday it bites the big one". Perhaps you have heard that song...or maybe you're more familiar with the Office Space line of "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!!"

In any case, Monday seems to be a tough day in the week, for me at least. My motivation isn't too high and my energy level is often low. I've learned over the years that on Monday I need to do smaller projects rather than anything that takes too much thought power, energy or effort. This doesn't mean that I'm lazy, but this does mean that I am learning to understand there is a certain rhythm and pace to life and specifically to how God has created me to function.

If you look back to the story of creation, you can see this very idea of rhythm and pace incorporated into God's design for life. God worked on projects for 6 days and then rested on the 7th. God didn't complete His to-do list on day 1, but He spread the work out through the week so as to ensure that everything was created fearfully and wonderfully. I wonder if there are times where we're so concerned about getting things done (whether that is tasks or meeting people) that we miss out on the Christ-like approach to our day?

I'm learning a lot as of late. I'm learning about rhythm, pace, grace, life, love, being a dad and so much more. I must first look to Christ and follow His example in all matters of faith and life in general (which faith should speak into!!). I'm a work in progress, and I'm learning to be content with that.

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