Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God & Limitations

So the thought that has been stirring in my heart as of late is the whole idea of Almighty God choosing to put limits on Himself.  Here is what I mean, Jesus (fully God and fully human) could have at any point chose to rescue Himself from death on a cross, but He chose not to...He chose to limit Himself.  If you look at some of the miracles Jesus performed you see this similar theme.  Take the feeding miracles for example.  In these instances Jesus chooses to use what His disciples and others provide in order to make the miracle happen.  We're talking about Almighty God here, and in these instances He chooses to limit His power and influence.  Why is that I wonder?

There is an age old argument of free will vs. predestination; the idea of having the freedom to make your own choices vs. the notion that all the choices we make are predetermined.  I don't really want to re-hash hundreds of years worth of theological arguments here, but I do what to ask a question to those of you who may happen to read this blog entry.  My question is this: If God chooses to place limits on Himself, how does your view of God change?  What I'm saying is this.  In the instances I described above, Jesus chose limitations for His miracles.  In particular with the feeding miracles (the 4000 & the 5000), I wonder if these would have even happened without the partnership between Jesus and His disciples.  In a round about way I am trying to ask how the world would be different if we accepted God's invitation to partner with Him?  I wonder if things like poverty and pollution would decrease dramatically?  I wonder how many more orphans would have homes?  I wonder how much larger God would be in our world and in our hearts as a result of this partnership?

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