Sunday, December 13, 2009


Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a situation that you just froze up and couldn't do anything?  I've had many experiences like this in my life.  In fact, I used one such experience to pen a song.  Here are the lyrics.

In Silence

What can I do?
I’m staring at you and I’ve got nothing to say.
No rhyming this time.
I’m walking the line between nothing at all.
Inside I am screaming out loud; I’m burning up.
My heart it pounds, but I’m just standing here afraid to move again.
So much unsaid and too much regret to linger here.
I’m overwhelmed; caught in this web of fraility.
In silence I am bound to be still.
It’s deafening and hard to breathe.
Will I ever be the same?

This whole idea of paralysis is rocking my world lately.  We can become to overwhelmed to the point of neglect.  What I mean is that we can see a need, whether personal or otherwise, and be overwhelmed at the hugeness of the need that we can simply be frozen in time, neglecting to act.  

What I need to remember, and what I believe each of us needs to remember in each of these frozen moments is that God does not ask us to meet the entire need...He asks us to partner with  Him in meeting the need before us.  God takes what we have to offer, blesses it, and uses it to meet the need in a way that only He can.  If you don't believe, read through the gospels and see story after story about Jesus taking what people have to offer and using it to build God's kingdom on earth.  Continue your read further through the book of Acts and the Pauline Epistles and see the generosity of followers of Christ in action.

God defeats paralysis every time...

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