Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Faithful in the Little Things

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm a detail kind of guy.  I'm someone who gets energized by tackling the details for a project.  I realize that not all people receive joy from working through this stuff, but handling the details is necessary work and it can often be fairly important as well.

I guess why I'm thinking about this right now is that these months are usually the "dog-days" of life and ministry.  The weather is weird, we're tired of snow, holidays are over and summer is way too far away!  During these moments of time in our lives and in the ebb and flow of nature I believe it's important for us to remain focused on the task at hand...whatever that may be.  For example, grade 12 students need to remain focused on finishing well in regards to their diploma exams; Pastors need to get ready for the next semester and wave of ministry in the new year; tax accountants are training for the marathon session that is tax season, and well, month end speaks for itself!

In all of these things, it's important to be faithful in the details.  Being faithful in the little things doesn't mean getting bogged down or frustrated with what needs to be done, but it means doing these things while keeping an eye on the big picture.  For example, it means intentionally studying in preparation for the grade 12 diploma, or intentionally planning out the ministry calendar for the rest of the year.

Without the little things, big things don't happen.  If you have a dream or desire for your life, I challenge you to work with Jesus by being faithful in the little things and let God take care of the big picture.

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