Friday, February 19, 2010


Have you ever wondered what joy really was/is?  I have.  I had the chance to connect with some familiar faces today and as I engaged them in conversation while looking into their eyes, I didn't find any joy.  Their face expressed a level of happiness and the tone in their voice affirmed the same, but the joy in their eyes could not be found.

I love punching words into Webster's online dictionary.  You never really know what sort of definition the site will generate.  Here is one they gave for joy that really sums up what I'm aiming at. Joy: a state of happiness.

I think joy is a way of viewing your life.  If you can find hope, meaning and purpose in little things, joy is the end product of your perspective on life.  For some folks finding joy is nearly impossible because what they pursue and look for hope and meaning in doesn't lead to the conclusion of a joy-filled life, it only leads to the feeling of emptiness.

Anyone can fake happiness the emotion, but can you fake the state of happiness, can you fake living a joy-filled life?  Maybe for a short while, but definitely not for the long haul.  Think about joy in your own life today.  Is your joy fleeing?  Is your pursuit of joy tied to something that is fleeting and doesn't have much, if any, depth to its' meaning?

If each of us can learn to find true joy and live out of that joy, how much calmer would our world become?

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