Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life would be so much easier if...

We got a call from Telus today inviting to participate in their promotional program that would entitle us to a free PVR with no added cost to our monthly TV bill.  As I listened to the salesperson give me her pitch over the phone one thing she said stood out to me.  "I would hate for you to miss out on this offer because having a PVR would make your life so much easier."

Really...is that what we've come to?  Life is easy with PVR?

I sometimes think all the craziness that comes with the frantic pace of life in large urban centers leads us to begin to look for a rest in weird ways...like the PVR.  We begin thinking that what we need is something to help us balance our schedule like a technological device that will record our favorite shows...you know, the ones we don't have time to watch!!

What if we were to approach life a little differently?  Instead of needing to look for free time in the midst of chaos, why don't we schedule an abundance of free time and work to fill out a portion of our schedule with the things that bring us the most joy, hope and meaning.  Craig Groeschel sums it up best by asking this question regarding our strategic schedule planning, "is this wise?"  If we can use the answer to this question to determine what to give our life to and what to refrain from, I'm not sure we'd be looking for a PVR or any other piece of technology to make our life easier by bringing stability into our world!!

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