Monday, February 1, 2010

When We All Work Together

One of my hobbies is writing.  I write in this blog, I write curriculum, I write letters, I write poetry and I try to write music.  Over time I've begun to stockpile the scrap pieces of paper into one digital document hoping that it would be something my kids would enjoy looking at sometime in their life.  I stumbled upon one of my ramblings that made me think and I wanted to share it with you today.

Once More

How am I to breathe restoration
In a world that lives for segregation?
What can one man do to heal a nation
And open hearts to freedom?

It all just falls apart
When I choose to walk away.
It all just falls apart,
So I’m afraid.

How can someone lead in this deception?
With wounds so deep we’re misdirected.
We need rescuing from self-allusion.
Give me one more chance for freedom!

There is something about the human spirit that I'm learning more and more about each day.  When we face adversity, we find a way to come together in commonness to overcome what we face.  Take the devastation in Haiti for example, the world is coming together for the purpose of restoration.  This spirit of generosity and perseverance are gifts we've been given from our Heavenly Father.  When we use them as they were intended, we are able to accomplish great things.  But, when we embrace isolation instead of community, these gifts we've been given go to waste.  It's funny that no matter what age we are we all wrestle with the notion of having to work together for the common good of all, isn't it?

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