Thursday, March 11, 2010


A conversation I had with a peer co-worker earlier this week continues to impact me today.  We spoke about what it meant to be captivated by our relational connection with Christ and the difference between stealing moments and creating space for relationship to grow.

Being a father of two children, I have noticed how things have shifted in my home.  In order to spend time connecting with my wife, we need to create a consistent space to do so; we need to be intentional about making sure we have time to communicate, connect and celebrate our relationship. This same sort of priority needs to be applied with greater urgency in terms of our relational connection with God our Father. If we rely upon stealing moments to carry us through, we will soon find ourselves lost in the myriad of distance created by our inconsistent approach to our heavenly connection.

The challenge has been and will always be scheduling. How and when do we fit in time to connect with Jesus on a consistent basis. I think we can start with stealing moments, but we must grow from that point, we cannot remain stagnant. Moments can become trends; trends can become habits; habits create consistency.

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