Sunday, March 28, 2010

Faith Doesn't Have a Floor Plan

I want to continue creating conversation around this theme of progression versus prevention again this week.

This past Tuesday I had the chance to watch a movie, Simon Birch, with some Jr. High students. I've seen this flick before, but as with all good stories I found myself captivated by it once again. There was one line in particular that caught my fascination: "Faith doesn't have a floor plan." As I pondered this statement in conjunction with what has been on my heart lately with the progression versus prevention themes, I have reached a couple of conclusions that I wanted to share some thoughts on.

1. While it's true that faith doesn't have a floor plan, there is a greater schematic at work. What I mean by saying this is that the root of true, authentic faith is Jesus Christ. Without Jesus in the equation, there is no faith. In regards to the progression theme from last week, Jesus is the focal point to which we should be progressing to or moving towards. Anything else is simply wasted effort.

2. I want to be clear about what I mean by saying we need to progress towards Jesus. I am not advocating or lobbying for a religious system or list of acceptable behaviors and desired outcomes. What I am suggesting is that we need to learn to grapple with the mystery of Christ while engaging in a relational pursuit built upon authentic faith. This pursuit is one that must inform how we live; the choices, the pace and the direction. We must learn to excel in each of these 3 areas in a balanced format or else otherwise be misguided in our pursuit of progression.

3. There isn't a clear over-arching guideline or road-map that encompasses all. Remember, faith doesn't have a floor plan. Each of our own life experiences will help shape our own personal journeys. What I am suggesting is that at the root of a truly inspiring, meaningful, purposed life is a relational connection with Jesus Christ. It is this connection that grants us an ever-growing and unshakable true identity that is full of depth, life, hope, trust and so much more.

Consider this question this week. What are you trying to prevent from happening in your life and what are you moving towards as a result?


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