Sunday, May 2, 2010 got my back

Our daughter Saydie has a version of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) which makes going to sleep rather interesting for her. On average, she will take 30-60 minutes to fall asleep every night. After doing a little research, we have begun giving Saydie melatonin prior to bedtime, which helps her to settle down more quickly and improves the quality of her sleep throughout the night. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to melatonin (which is a naturally produced chemical that coordinates the body's circadian rhythms) is vivid dreaming.

Our bed time routine with Saydie includes hugs, kisses, and rocking with mommy after prayer time with Daddy. Often times Bonny & Saydie share the most special conversations and moments together as they talk about their day and what they enjoy about each other. Tonight Saydie shared with us about one of her dreams. The mouse character from the Ice Age movies will knock on her door and try to take her away from mommy & daddy. As Bonny listened to Saydie's story, she gently encouraged her to pray about her fear...and Saydie did. The one line that stood out to us was when Saydie declared, "and I know Jesus that you have my back." Listening to Bonny share this story with me melted my heart, and motivated me to write.

Jesus talked about little children inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. It is this simple, child-like faith and trust that inspires us all to take flying leaps of faith. My daughter inspires me...she knows God is always with her, and that Jesus has her back...and she's challenging her Daddy to live in this simple truth as well!!

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