Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Success of Team - Discipleship 126

One of my life's passions is creating and building teams. In my younger days, I was an avid gamer...addicted to sports games on playstation consoles where I could craft my team and play the role of general manager, coach & player all at once. I was also fascinated with teams offline. I would observe, examine and experience the successes and failures of teams while playing sports, learning in school, volunteer and leading a variety of ministry initiatives of the course of 15 years.

Now, 17 years later from my initial fascination with the concept of a team, I'm still passionate about this subject and I'm still learning about what makes teams tick. When we think of the process of discipleship, it requires a team approach...many people working together, partnering with God's Spirit to see another person reach his or her potential in Jesus Christ.

There are four things that currently occupy my brain space at the moment. I believe these four concepts are key to a healthy functioning team that is growing together.

TRUST - releasing responsibility to one another
EXPECTATION - holding each other accountable to achieve the goal or vision
APPRECIATION - encouragement, support and care
MOBILITY - flexibility, transferability (holding onto things with an open hand instead of a tight fist)

If we have the courage to work together, and are willing to be lead by the power of God's Spirit, I believe that the vision of seeing this generation of youth revive the church and change the world is not only viable, but absolutely critical for the long-term sustainability of spiritual transformation in the name of Jesus Christ.

How does your team (your family, your staff team, your friends, etc.) function? Where are your growth areas?

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