Monday, May 16, 2011

Community - Discipleship 138

I'm hard pressed to find examples of discipleship that take place outside of the context of community. Whether online or offline, community plays a vital role in the spiritual transformation of people. The struggle we as humans have with the word community is that it's become quite ambiguous...we've lost site of its' original meaning.

Community is a cluster of committed people who gather together for the purpose of relationship and the expression of belonging. The great thing about community is that it isn't limited by genetic code or physical location. True community is both mobile and reproducible.

Discipleship is the by-product of true community. A community is focused on the growth and development of both its' individuals and its' collective gathered body. If, as followers of Jesus Christ, our greatest commandment (Love God & Love Others) and our great commission (go and make disciples) inspire us to live, breathe and create community, what will our personal and collective response be in the pursuit of discipleship?

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