Monday, October 24, 2011

What Have You Done for Me Lately? - Discipleship 153

In the fast-paced disposable society we live in today, there is a deep craving and longing for consistency. We may not be aware of it at times, but this yearning is a large part of what motivates us to consume.

Think about it for a minute. If you cell phone service provider isn't consistent in the support that they give to you, there is a high probability you will simply check out a new provider that promises what you crave. We may only shop at particular stores, or look for certain brands of clothing, or order the same dish at a restaurant not because we despise variety, but because we are looking for consistent quality.

The same can and should be said of our relationships. Now I know that relationships have their ups and downs, but I believe that any relationship can be measured by the component of consistency. In the case of relationships consistency simply means availability. Are we available to be there for the people we claim to love?

I look to Jesus as the perfect example of consistency. He had 12 close friends. For His friends, Jesus was always available. Jesus took the time to connect with them, to be with them...He was a consistent presence in the life of His friends.

I heard a story today of a father who expressed his desire to be finished with parenting once his youngest child entered high school. Needless to say, his relationship with his youngest child is strained. This is an example of what happens when we remove the quotient of consistency or availability from the equation of relationship. This same principle applies to all structures of leadership. If the supervisor or overseer is unavailable or inconsistent with his or her employees, the employees begin to feel devalued, unappreciated and can become bitter towards the leader over time.

There is a lot being said about carbon foot printing in our world today. Think of your life as a relational form of carbon foot printing. What sort of impression are you leaving on the lives of other people? Does your life, your friendship taste good to others? Or are you leaving people with the question of 'what have you done for me lately' far too often?

Work on being consistently available to those who love...and watch your relationship with them begin to grow!

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