Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A heart is the symbol of love - Discipleship 156

Christmas is nearly here. My house is full of anticipation with my three little kids excited to various degrees about this season and what it brings. My wife, of course, is the most excited of us all! She can hardly wait for our kids to experience presents, family time and lots of caroling...

I've been thinking about the symbol of the heart as of late. Partially because of my own fascination with its' function in the human body, and partially because of what the heart often symbolizes.

Our younger son, Deklon, was scheduled to be born a week prior to his actual birth. Because my wife was overdue, we were sent for an additional ultrasound to make sure the baby was okay. During the appointment we got a sneak peak into our son's anatomy, which included the view of the heart. I was amazed at the level of intricate detail I witnessed on the screen as the ultrasound technician passed over his heart where we were able to see a fully functioning and healthy muscle...all four chambers working together in great symmetry and harmony.

Did you know that if our body experiences heart failure it begins to die? Probably not an out of the box concept for anyone to comprehend. But it remains true...without a heart we will die.

The heart seems to be the universal symbol of love (if you don't believe me just wait till February when consumer culture goes rampant with the pursuit of the dollar and capitalizes this symbol of love!!). In the same way that we can't live without a heart, I'm not certain that we can live without love. If you think about it, I think you may agree with me. If we are not loved, or do not experience love the quality of our lives in greatly impeded.

Consider this during the Christmas season...if the heart is the symbol of love, and we truly cannot live without love, what sort of symbol could be used to describe your own life? Those who claim to be followers of Jesus must represent love...do people say they can't live without you because of who you are or because of who God is and how God is using you to show them love?

What do you think about love?

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