Monday, April 23, 2012

Freedom - Discipleship 169

I voted in our provincial election today. The democratic system that we live in as Canadians is something I do not normally think about until I have the opportunity to lend my voice to a greater cause. I'm thankful and grateful for the opportunity that I have to be involved in the freedom of speech that is democratic voting.

As a follower of Christ, I also have the benefit of another form of freedom...something called grace. Here are three things I'm learning about God's grace:

1. Grace comes with responsibility. Now hold on a minute. I am not suggesting that we need to earn God's grace. What I am suggesting is that because this grace is freely given, we have the responsibility to steward this grace wisely. This means that I cannot and should not abuse this gift, but instead live out my life with a sense of deep gratitude and thankfulness for the freedom that I have been given. Think about the movie Saving Private Ryan. Five guys give their lives in order to save one. The guy who is saved lives out his life with a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness due to the sacrifice these others made for Him. As followers of Christ, we should do the same.

2. Grace must be shared. Because of God's grace which grants us freedom, we should extend grace, mercy and freedom to others. What this means is that each of us who claims to be a friend of Jesus has a moral and biblical obligation to get involved with issues of human injustice...we CANNOT live in grace without being willing to help extend this same grace to others.

3. Grace is all consuming. I don't earn it; I don't deserve it; and I can't really understand it fully. What I do understand is that every facet of my life is subject to God's grace. Freely given, freely received. I must remember that it is because of grace that I have a reason, hope and purpose for life. Instead of seeking to consume new experiences, my ultimate goal in life should be to be consumed by God's grace which is given freely to anyone who chooses to receive it.

These are three lessons I'm learning about grace. What are you experiencing about God's grace? I'd love to hear from you!

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