Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A note on Change

Yesterday I picked up the new Incubus album and read a quote that made me think.

"The voice of the artist is the unconscious voice of the masses. Music and art are the guiding light that will change the world."

I agree that music and art influence the way our society views certain subject material. If you look at any sort of revolution or period of morning in our earth's history, music and art accompany these movements. Think back to the most recent New Orleans or 9/11 happenings in the US. Music and art were used to heal wounds and to bring hope.

Where I do not agree with this statement is that music and art are the guiding light that will change the world. You see, I believe that there is more depth to change than what can be found in music or art, or any sort of other human creation for that matter. True change occurs when someone has had the change to observe, experience and respond to the love of Christ. Music and art can aid in this journey, but it is the love of God that serves as the guiding light that will change the world.

The cool part about change is that God invites us to be a part of it in our world...He asks us to be His agents of change by demonstrating firsthand to the world around us what His love is all about. God planned for people to know who He is and what He stands for by watching His followers, His people, His body at work in our world.

Unfortunately, people have turned to things like music, art and other avenues in search of what God's love can only fill. I believe people have turned away from Christ and from His body because they have not been able to observe, experience and respond to His love through the church on a consistent basis. I do believe church has been active in demonstrating the love of God to a point, but the issue we as followers of Christ wrestle with is consistency. I'm not taking about being perfect in our walk with Jesus. I'm referring to consistently choosing to engage the world around us with love.

As Christians, it's way too easy for us to build a Christian fortress that we can feel safe in. We can find a Christian mechanic, a Christian dentist, doctor or hair stylist, a Christian club, a Christian church, school, or neighborhood that we can so easily immerse ourselves in that we are no longer aware of or engaged in the world around us.

To be the change we wish to see in the world, we need to engage and immerse ourselves in the world armed with the love of Christ to see true change take place. Love in action...make the the change!!

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