Monday, September 14, 2009

At the End of My Rope

I don't know what it is, but most of the titles I use for my blog entries are ripped off from song titles...point in case this latest blog, brought to you by a little known band called Seventh Day Slumber. Oh the memories... :)

Why is it that sometimes we need to run into brick walls before we realize they are there? I don't know about you, but it seems like I've been hitting my fair share today. Shortly after I got to work my car was broken into. The culprits stole a letter that I needed to mail, but nothing other than that. $250, some frustrated moments, some words I'd like to take back and a headache later I found myself evaluating whether or not I can run through walls.

I'm not saying there is something super spiritual about my car getting busted into or anything like that, but I do believe there is something to say about pursuing balance in life. Pursuing God means learning to live life according to His design and rhythm. The foundation of this design is rest. All throughout scripture God asks His followers to wait for Him; to rest in Him. Jesus Himself talks about an easy yoke and light burden for the weary. Yet when push comes to shove, we seem more intent on living life the way we've always dreamed; or at least in the way we think it should be. We begin living out of our own strength and then become frustrated with how little energy and "life" we have.

Some wise spiritual guru once said that he desired to live according to God's grace and didn't want to move without God's grace giving him the strength to do so. Seems like a ludacris idea until we've hit one too many brick walls, doesn't it?

I'm all for moving, but how about moving and living according to God's pace instead of our own? How about being driven by His word instead of our schedules, tasks or to-do lists?

Today I was at the end of my rope, learning once again what it means to find rest in Christ and freedom in His grace.

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