Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gotta love to laugh

I totally believe that Jesus loved to laugh. Humor is such a big part of working on a team. I think that a team that laughs together learns to work together more effectively and efficiently. Think about it like this...if you never laughed with your friends, don't you think you'd be missing a component in your relationship with them?

What's got me busting my gut lately is trying to learn to dance...something that would make my Grama shudder I'm sure!! Growing up I was always taught that dancing was sinful....yet another reason to make sure that we actually teach biblical principles and don't simply hand down human made traditions.

Anyways, back to my reason for writing. I'm attempting to groove with a handful of peers, and it's got me literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Laughter eases tension, it brings joy to the heart and soul, and it also reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Genuine laughter is absolutely essential in regards to learning to live a joy-filled life. Remember that we are created in the image of Christ, and our humor is a gift from God. Enjoy life...enjoy laughing and enjoy the rich joy that comes from connecting with God and with others in the wonderful gift of pure joy!!

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