Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Destination: IMPACT

Each of us longs to have some sort of signficance and impact in life. We want to be important to someone. Being a dad has taught me so much about this. I wanted my children to be around me.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, Saydie was following me around. It made me feel important that she wanted to be with me and near me. I was glad that I had some sort of signifcance in her life.

This got me to thinking (boy does my brain hurt!!) that the sum of my personal significance is defined by what I give to others in terms of relationship. True relationship is motivated by love, not results. Saydie and Cannon are my children. Regardless of their desire to be around me or not, I am their dad, and my significance in their life is measured by the love that I give to them. They are times when they disagree very passionately about what may be happening to them (that comes with the territory of us as humans wanting and needing to be our own boss!!). Regardless of the circumstances, my love for them must saturate my actions.

In the same way, when we're thinking of having significant impact in our world, our love for God and for others must saturate our motivation. We cannot simply care about the eternal destination of a person's soul if we are unwilling to care about their physical circumstances first!! If my focus is simply about getting people to heaven, I've lost sight of the true impact of my life. I cannot, nor am I able, to get people to heaven...God is Savior and Judge...not me. I can, however, be an agent of love or restoration...someone that points people to Christ by what I give to them through relationship...through love.

Think about it. Each of us is headed somewhere. Why not stop at Destination: IMPACT and see what a little love in the name of Christ can do to really change the world!

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