Friday, October 2, 2009

My name is...

All of us have names, and our names tell a story. For instance, my name Jason means healer. My middle name, Dale, was given to me because my dad's first name is Dale. That is the simple story of my name.

We were making lunch today and getting Saydie to help us wash grapes and cut up from strawberries. Being her Dad, I'm always bugging her and trying to get her to smile and interact with me...making memories is what I call it!! I can't remember how our conversation started, but I said something about her name and she said, "Saydie...that's me!!" She knows that is her name...she owns it.

The book of Revelation talks about names being written in the book of life. These names are the list of people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and will receive the gift of eternal life once their physical life on earth is over.

What struck me about my daughter's simple comment today was this whole idea of ownership. Do I really own my name? What I mean is, as someone who enjoys a relationship with Jesus, knowing that my name is written in the book of life, do I own that name. In order to have my name written in this book, I need to have the name of Christ written on me. The scripture calls this the circumcision of the heart...Christ alive in us and through us. It's a relationship based on faith and lived out through good deeds. The very name of Jesus, our Savior, is written on the hearts of those who enjoy a relationship with Him.

Do I really own my name? Do I embrace this idea that my name is written in the book of life because the name of Jesus is written on me?

This is what is making me think today.

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