Monday, November 9, 2009


I spent the weekend hanging out with youth workers and students as we attempted to reshape our thoughts on evangelism by studying the word and engaging in creative learning experiences.

After this time away I have found clarity in more than one area. First of all, I am more convinced than ever that being a part of God's family extends beyond the boundaries and borders of time, space and government. The language our brothers and sisters were using mimicked what the Spirit seems to be saying to the church in Calgary as well. God is stirring in the heart of this generation...there is something HUGE on the horizon. I pray that we as youth workers don't snuff out the fire!!

My second conclusion is that the bonds of friendship are forged in the fires of time, trust and hardship. My good friend Matt and I travelled together to Vancity for this conference. We enjoy a 15+ year friendship. It's good to be completely real and honest with others. This level of connection only comes after time spent together, hardships endured and trust built.

My last epiphany is that my family is absolutely essential to my sanity. I don't enjoy experiencing life without my wife and kids by my side. God designed the family for love and support relationally, emotionally and spiritually. The more we keep outsourcing these needs to others, the less of a priority family will be and the more issues we will face in our world, in our churches and in our homes.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!!

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