Monday, January 25, 2010

Sparking My Interest

Last week Bonny & I had the privilege of sitting in a room full of grade 8 & 9 students and working through how each of us sees God.  One question that came up is how come God doesn't just completely reveal Himself to us right from the get go in a way that we can comprehend.  As I attempted to reach for an answer, I was drawn to thinking of my first interaction with those of the opposite sex in a romantic know, the part in Jr. High where you begin to notice girls in more than a friendly way...the sort of passing notes and asking them to check the yes or no response in regards to liking you question kind of way??

I can remember the first time I spoke to a girl about liking her, and I would say that I came on way too strong.  I was awkward and weird and mumbling, not to mention probably smelly cause I was still getting the hang of the whole personal hygiene thing.  But quickly I learned how my actions would and could influence a preferred response from the opposite gender rather than a complete and utter denial!!

The more I learn about God's love pursuit of us as human beings, the more I begin to understand that I know nothing about what true love is all about.  What I mean is this, if I take the time to look at creation around me and let it begin to captivate my attention, my interest as to its' origin is sparked.  If I take the time to allow myself to be consumed by the mystery and frustration that is God's Word (the Bible), I can find my thirst and quest for truth peaked.  All the while, God is using all the different elements around me (people, nature & truth) to spark my interest in discovering more about who He is.  When I allow myself to be caught up in this journey, the insignificant questions seem to fade away, and the ability to learn to rest and be restored seems to become more prevalent in my life.  The challenge is having more of these captivating moments and less of the distracting moments flood my life.

Sometimes it just means I need a new perspective on things; I need to view things from a different angle in order to see something I haven't seen before and to experience something that once seemed old and known as fresh, new and alive again.  What I need to do is remember that there will always be more to learn and experience and life is about the journey just as much as it is about the final destination.  Now that's something worth thinking about!!

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