Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Do You Find Your Answers?

On most Tuesday nights Bonny & I have the privilege of connecting up with a group of grade 8 & 9 students in from the northeast part of our city.  Together in one home, we explore questions about scripture, engage in spiritual conversations and spend time connecting with each other on a relational level.  This entire experience is what we call a Super Group.  Most nights I leave feeling juiced about what God is doing in this generation.  But tonight was a little different.  Tonight I found myself feeling convicted about a habit and a practice that seems basic, but is absolutely essential to the Christian faith.

We started our evening by presenting a hot topic theme.  Students were encouraged to write down what they wanted to study in scripture on pieces of paper and then add these topics into a hat for sorting purposes.  We divided ourselves up into 4 groups of 4-5 people each and then proceeded to pick a topic out of the hat to research together.  Each group had roughly 20 minutes to study their topic using scripture.  After this allotted amount of time, we gathered together as a larger group to talk about what we had seen and learned.  As groups began to share this thought crossed my mind: Where Do I Look for My Answers?  I admit that I'm a bit addicted to technology.  I blog, I check my various email accounts, read & reply to text messages, I tweet and I read a ton of stuff online (it's all research people!! :P).  I'm always looking for who wants to or needs to hear from me.  All the while, I sometimes neglect the only reliable source for information that exists in our world...the Bible.

When we are looking for answers to questions about life, where do we turn?  Do we look to our friends, our email inbox, our facebook page or our cell phone for answers?  Or do we turn to something else?  As Christians we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, but yet there are times where we neglect to use it as it was intended.  Oh sure, when we're in crisis mode we might turn to scripture to read through our favorite feel good verses, but what about all the other days that aren't off-keel?

Just like I need to eat 3+ times a day, use the washroom and take a countless amount of breaths, I also need to feast on the truth of scripture.  Tonight I learned this again in a new way.  One of our breakout groups researched food references in scripture only to bombard the rest of the group with the amount of information that can be gathered pertaining to food from the Bible.  One silly topic like food and before you know it you are on a tangent that engages your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength...oh wait, I've heard that before...hmm...oh yeah, those are the words of Christ found in the Bible, who woulda thought it would contain important things like that?

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