Monday, June 20, 2011

Community - Discipleship 142

The Lone Ranger. Amusing TV, but horrible leadership strategy.

If we believe that as humans we are created in God's image, we must recognize our craving for community. We were created for relationship. So what does this mean for us as leaders? Simple...we stop trying to do things on our own.

For some reason we at times buy into the notion that true leadership is about learning how to do things in isolation from others. This is not the case. While the credibility for ones leadership can be attributed to how this individual behaves in their relationship with Jesus while in isolation, his or her capacity to lead is defined by their willingness to engage or partner with others on the journey of leadership.

Consider this: What type of leader are you? Do you actively invite people to partner with you in leadership, or do you choose to try and work things out all by yourself?

If we were created for community, maybe it's time we start leading like it.


  1. once again... easy to agree with hard to implement... it is easier to get things done by yourself sometimes, easier to rely on what you know you can do than go through the painful process of looking for someone to help. Volunteers are often hard to find and exhausting to build. In the interest of self preservation I think leaders turn to themselves when volunteers are hard to find. In essence I completely agree with you, but in reality it is a jump on both sides that is always needed. It takes a lot of hard work to work in community rather than lone ranger style (as stupid as that sounds), but with a dedicated group of friends and volunteers a leader can be that much better. A good read and food for thought. I know I have to depend more on people and this is a great reminder thanks and I will be praying for a ya brother...

  2. I totally understand what you are saying. Relationships are difficult. The very thing we crave can be the very thing that drives us bananas. All I know is that when I choose to function in isolation, I miss being in community. In community I still have a role to play that is unique to who I am, but I'm part of something greater than being by myself.


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