Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 6 - Jr. High MTO Update

I'm so very proud of our students. They have tackled every challenge that has come their way on this adventure. The close quarters have taken their toll on some of our gals...a few of them are battling sickness (colds) which isn't the best way for them to finish off their MTO, but they aren't letting this latest challenge dampen their spirits.

Today will be filled with many good-byes. Our youth have grown attached to their new surroundings, and for some of them it will be very difficult to accept the idea that they need to transition to life at home. We continue to talk about the challenge to bring the experience home and continue to forge ahead in community collectively. Pray that youth would recognize the lessons, intimacy with Jesus and closeness of community they have experienced here in Vancouver can and will translate back into life in Calgary if we are willing to let it become a part of our daily rhythm at home.

Tonight we cap off our MTO experience in VanCity with a foot-washing experience. It's a time of great healing and spiritual intimacy. Pray for our youth as they grapple with the emotion and the power of this experience. God isn't finished speaking to them yet, and I believe clarity will be provided to those who are seeking to experience Jesus in a fresh way.

Our journey home begins tomorrow with our drive to Salmon Arm. Pray for a good night's rest and alertness on the road for our team. See you all soon!!


  1. hi jason- just wanted to say thx for posting the videos and the updates. we appreciate them soooo much! Also, since you guys left last Saturday, each time I think of you guys or pray for you - God tells me "more than you can ask or imagine". Wow. don't know what that looks like but God is faithful and consistent. Hope you are as encouraged by that as we are.
    shairon :)

  2. Thanks for the prayer support is GREATLY appreciated. God has done something significant in the lives of our youth this past week, but I agree with has only begun! I've been drawn to pray for protection over what has been planted in terms of spiritual seed that will grow to bear fruit in time. God is on the is humbling to walk alongside of Him and together journey alongside the youth of HIS church!


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