Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 5 - Jr. Hi MTO Update

Today marked the beginning of the downward slope towards the end of our ministry experience here in Vancouver. Our youth have definitely been bombarded this week, while being exposed to God’s present and the harsh reality of living in a broken world.

The greatest challenge we now face as a team is to develop a vocabulary that will allow us to communicate with our friends and family at home about our experience. It’s difficult to put images, sounds and smells into words. Inside jokes aren’t as easily translated, thoughts sometimes don’t carry the same weight when re-communicated outside of their original experience, and well sometimes it’s just plain hard to come home after meeting God is a fresh way. My hope and prayer is that our youth would see that God is the same in Vancouver and Calgary (not to mention the rest of the known & unknown universe)…He doesn’t change, and although we may have, His love is consistent and will carry us through the emerging challenges of being back in familiar territory.

Highlights from day included watching our youth actively seek out opportunities to minister to others without having to be prompted to do so, and also seeing how their friendships with one another continue to blossom.

May God grant us the continued grace to represent Him to our broken world; and may He use us to extend His kingdom here on earth as He sees fit!

See you all soon!!

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