Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 4 - Jr High MTO Update

Our third day of ministry was filled with a ton of highlights, culminating with some of our youth choosing to be baptized in the ocean (which we captured on film). Perhaps the most significant part of our journey thus far is wrestling with the questions that flood our hearts and minds as we process what we've seen, heard and experienced while on MTO.

Often times when you are exposed to visible needs, you can either become inspired to work towards meeting needs or desensitized to your surroundings. This week our youth are engaging the needs they see, but what will next week hold? As we've begun to discuss as a team, this MTO experience doesn't end during a 1 week journey. Living and loving like Jesus demands that we intentionally invest our whole person into His partnership we call mission. Pray that our youth would continue to process what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing together in community with Jesus as the head of this community.

As one of the people whom we've had the privilege to serve said: "You young people make the best missionaries." We all carry forward the mission of God. As we engage our world in the embodiment of love, grace and mercy in action, we represent our King in an authentic capacity.

Enjoy the show:

Noah Tainsh

Gabby Walthers

Braden Vandale

Erin Johnston

Leslie Ahenda

Miranda Jardine

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