Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New things?

I've never been one to sit down and generate a bunch of resolutions for a new year, which might surprise some of you. Yes, it is true that I'm somewhat of a hyper-active planner but there are some things that even a systems oriented guy like me don't really enjoy spending a lot of time thinking about!

Here's why I've never generate a list of new things to accomplish in a new year:

1. I'm usually on vacation as I usher in a new year. For the last 10 years or so, I've used the Christmas/New Year season to slow down, unplug and recharge. In other words, I like to attempt to shut my brain down for awhile. I discipline myself to attempt to live in the present alongside my family & friends and really enjoy what the season represents.

2. I don't like feeling pressured to come up with something. I don't mind working in an instance, high-driven environment. But I do like to plan on my own terms and in my own time frame. Just because someone else is coming up with something doesn't pressure me to do the same. While others may generate their resolutions out of habit, how many are simply living into the "monkey see, monkey do" imitation culture that is too prevalent in our world?

3. I need clarity. I take my faith and my life seriously. Both are gifts that I cherish. When I plan, I seek wisdom that only comes from God's revelation through the Bible, through creation and through Christ-like people that intersect with my life over time.

I've made plans and goals for 2014, but I hold them loosely and I'm willing to allow them to be changed, grown and re-directed as needed.

What about you? Have you planned new things for this new year? If so, how did you begin to plan towards these new things? If not, why not? Share your feedback with a comment, email or social media interaction.

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