Monday, September 8, 2014

Adventure #4 - Lost in Time

I recently received some of the childhood toys that my parents were storing in their basement for the last 25 years or so. My kids spent the better part of 2 days playing, exploring and celebrating what I once held dear.

These moments reminded me of something that is a key part of adventure...something that dads can very easily share with their own children - the PAST.

The past is a part of everyone's story. As my kids held up toy after toy, memories flooded to my mind, endless moments were my own creativity was nurtured and stirred. Here are some of my top ideas to help share your past (your story) with your kids:

1. Board Games
What games do you remember playing as a child? Are there current versions on hand that you can share with your kids? Go to garage sales, look on second hand websites or call older relatives so see if they have what you are looking for. Games are an easy way of sharing fun, laughter and memories with the next generation.

2. Movies
What stories captivated your as a youngster? If you've got a Netflix subscription, you may be able to find them and share them with your kids in fun new way.

3. Places to Visit
Did your parents, grandparents or relatives have a special tradition their shared with you? Maybe a place where they would always like to visit? My grandparents loved taking us kids to Dairy I look for every opportunity to take my kids for ice cream (partially because I love it, but also because I may have a dairy addiction)

4. Toys
Did your parents save some of your toys from your younger days? Find ways to introduce your kids to your childhood through stories and play time with toys.

5. Food
Did you have a favorite meal as a kid? Why not take an evening to make it with your family? Share the reason why you enjoyed it so much and ask them what their favorite meals are.

What other activities or experiences from a person's past can be used to create, strengthen and build relationships in the present?

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